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Our restaurant “ Lan Pern ”

           “ Lan Pern ” is the name of restaurant. It situate on the beach. Lan Pern mean the mirthful terrace in Thai. This terrace is good place for delight in the peaceful sunset.  Perfect area for chat.
           Hornbill Hut realizes about pollution. we want to be a little part of the world to take care of the environment for our kids. We care about nature and health. Some vegetables in our kitchen come from Pi Kob organic farm or neighbor’s farm. We don’t serve plastic straw in the resort. We use paper straw or straw from nature only. We deny foam in the resort area.

           We proud to recommend our fresh coffee. This coffee is grown in Ranong province area. Ranong’s coffee is very good qualities coffee. The coffee brand in Thailand takes our coffee for sale around the world. We have our own technique to the roast coffee bean. It makes our coffee have a special taste. We have many styles of coffee like espresso cappuccino etc.

“ Lan Pern ” open from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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