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Ko Phayam

            Ko Phayam (also Koh Phayam) or in English, Phayam island is an island on the west coast of Thailand. The island is in Ranong province. The first city of south Andaman seaside of Thailand. Koh Phayam island populated in tourist who seeking a quiet and nature surrounding. The island has beaches that are both peaceful and pristine. There is a small community of friendly Buddhist islanders on the island, mostly cashew nut farmers and fisherman. They get around the island via a small cement road which is capable of accommodating motorcycles only. That means there is no car on this island. Cashew nut on Koh Phayam is the best quality in Thailand. The best time to visit Ko Phayam island starts from October to May.

           Ko Phayam is mountainous island. All island full with tropical green garden. This island was well-known in tourist who want to see wild animal life ,“ specially hornbill bird ” and take break from hurriedly life
           1.Ao Yai or Ao Yai beach : Ao Yai beach is 3 kilometers continuance long sandy beach. No rock on the beach. Suitable for jogging in the morning or sunset time. This sea side has amazing wave. Special on November until May is very impress. You can sit all day to watch it. A lot of activity that you can do on this beach. As kayaking , surbord, yoka etc . At the connor ( not far from Hornbill Hut ) it’s snorkeling point. If you go there in the right time, you will see the parade of fish, manta-ray, lion fish, clown fish etc. The most important , this beach is the best place for watching sunset on Ko Phayam. You willn’t bore to watch sunset on Ao Yai. Because each sunset in each day never reiterate.
“ same same but diffirent”
           2. Ao Koa Kwai or buffalo bay : Buffalo bay is one of nice beach on Ko Phayam. The beach is fine white sand and clear waters. Buffalo bay appropriate for children.

           3. Ko Phayam temple : Ko Phayam’s villagers are 100% of Buddist. So the temple is the heart of villager. The abbot is very friendly. All tourist are welcome. In the temple has a fantastic Buddha statue.
           Nearby Island
           1. Koh Chang (also Chang island). Don’t confuse with other Ko Chang island in Trad province, near Bangkok. This Ko Chang is Koh Phayam’s neighbour island. It’s the largest island in Ranong. The Koh Chang’s nice beaches are found at the west. There are some shallow coral reefs around the island for snorkeling. The longest beach on the island is Ao Yai (same name with Ao Yai on Ko Phayam). The island is simple and nature. Tourist knew Ko Chang for long time ago. A lot of accommodation on Ko Chang. Ferry boat between Ko Chang and Koh Phayam will run on tourist season. Boat ticket 150 bahts/person.

           2. Koh Khang Kao. This island situate in Laem Son National Park.There are no people living on the island. The small island of Koh Khang Khao is truly an exotic island. The island has abundance of colourful shallow corals and a lovely beach with soft fine white sand. Ko Khang Kao is the best place in Ranong for snorkel. The finest beach is situated in the east of Ko Khang Khao. No ferry to Ko Khang Kao. You can rent a boat from Ko Phayam. The trip take about 30 minutes by long-tailed boat and 15 minutes by speedboat. The best time to visit is between November and April.

           3. Koh Surin This is a rich national maritime park on Thailand’s southern west coast. A quiet and beautiful spot in the Andaman Sea. Acclaimed as a divers’ paradise, Ko Surin is host to beautiful shallow coral reefs — a fringing reef type formed by the accumulation of limestone. It has an enormous solid coral foundation, the largest shallow coral reef in Thailand.
           From Ko Phayam to Ko Surin is very easy. Many boat company on Ko Phayam make boat trip to Ko Surin. Round trip or one way trip. Boat take 2 hrs. More information,please contact Hornbill Hut at Ao Yai on Ko Phaym.
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