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Welcome To Hornbill Hut : Koh Phayam Ranong


We care about personal touch and we will give you our undivided attention

           Hornbill Hut is located on a quiet and peaceful spot on Ao Yai beach, Phayam Island. Our bungalows are set on a 3 kilometer long white sandy beach. The beach offers a real retreat for travelers who prefer quiet and pristine environment surrounded by wild animals such as hornbill, sea eagle, and monitor. The beach is perfect for swimming any time of day. On a dark moon night, you will see the ocean sparkling with plankton.
           Hornbill Hut is one of the first accommodations built on Phayam Island. We offer the perfect natural environment for an unforgettable vacation. Our bungalows are built under the shade and are surrounded by green garden overlooking the crystal clear Andaman Sea. It is heaven for visitors who enjoy private and peaceful vacation. Our beach front has big trees which create a perfect spot for sunbathing.
           We offer many types of accommodation. Each accommodation has it own distinct style and ambiance. Bungalows are built with ample space between them to ensure our visitors of their privacy.

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